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How to make money from Autographs


Investing in signed memorabilia and autographs is fairly underrated, but in fact, it’s the perfect opportunity for someone to make money seeking a more resilient investment opportunity. They offer a consistent growth rate and are protected against the volatility of more traditional markets. However, autographs and other signed memorabilia are an investment like any other […]

What is a Certificate of Authenticity?


A Certificate of Authenticity (COA) is an official document that proves to the buyer that the autograph or signature is genuine and authentic. It shows that the autograph is of quality, and guarantees the buyer that it is produced by the person in question. It ensures the buyer peace of mind as the dealer is […]

5 Ways To Make Sure it’s not a Fake Autograph

You’ve finally found that perfect piece of memorabilia but how do you know it is genuine and not a fake autograph? Here are 5 ways to know that the autograph is genuine. Buy from a reputable dealer If you’re buying online have a look at their reviews and other stock they have. If you see […]