How to make money from Autographs


Investing in signed memorabilia and autographs is fairly underrated, but in fact, it’s the perfect opportunity for someone to make money seeking a more resilient investment opportunity. They offer a consistent growth rate and are protected against the volatility of more traditional markets. However, autographs and other signed memorabilia are an investment like any other – it’s about spotting the right opportunity at the right time and carrying out your own due diligence. The value of autographs has been on an incredible upward spiral for years now – a 10% annual increase between the year 2000 and 2020.

Buy Now and Reap The Rewards Later

Think your team might win something this year? Autographs by legendary players at a certain time are definitely worth more in the future. For example, jerseys signed by Bobby Charlton, Maradonna and David Beckham are definitely worth more now, than back when they were playing. An unprecedented Manchester City plethora of trophies this year has seen our Manchester City stocks depleted.

Till Death Do Us Part

Once a legend has parted ways with us they can’t sign anything any more so everything that has ever been signed has been signed! The legendary Johan Cruyff’s memorabilia has increased fourfold since his passing.

Just Like Steak –  The Rarer The Better

During the peak of their careers, famous personalities routinely autographed thousands of photographs and collectables. However, if the person stopped signing or died young there will be fewer signatures in circulation thus increasing the value of that autograph. For example two of the best performing autographs are Kurt Cobain, who died at 27 and Ringo Star, who stopped signing in 1997. Collectables signed by these routinely fetch £1000s.

Who is on the rise?

Personalities involved in historic occasions. Think England might win something? Best to buy something before the tournament rather than after. Have a look at this year’s Euro 2021’s Marcus Rashford England Shirt. Could be worth a pretty penny in a few years after his MBE accolade in 2020.

On The Safe Side

The biggest mistake buyers make is not buying from a reputable dealer. There are so many fakes and forgeries and are practically worthless. Read our article on 5 ways to make sure it’s a real autograph to make sure you’re on to a winner.

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